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Ace Organic Chemistry with EASE.

This is not organic chemistry for dummies, but organic chemistry for everyone. Ace Organic Chemistry with EASE (also called the E.A.S.E. method) is a step-wise and logical approach to solving almost any organic chemistry problem and/or mechanism. Using the fundamental rules of organic chemistry, the method prompts students to think about the basic principles of organic chemistry each and every time it is used. By doing this, it becomes obvious that any organic chemistry student can solve a diverse range of organic chemistry problems, including ones that you have never seen before. In this book, we show you how to recognize how organic reagents act and react, discuss why organic reactions proceed as they do, and show you how to determine the mechanism and product of that reaction. Organic chemistry is not as hard as you think it is, you just need a logical method for figuring out the problems. Designed for students of all levels and abilities, with this method you can ace organic chemistry mechanisms in no time. You really will learn organic chemistry as a second language.

Let me state the obvious first: This is a video designed to help you learn how to do organic chemistry mechanisms and synthesis problems.

Now let me state the less obvious: This is not supposed to be a comprehensive organic chemistry course. It is a supplement to your lecture and practice questions, but is not meant to replace them. In fact, your textbook and lecture notes are an essential prerequisite to understanding this book and using it properly.   

This video is the introduction to the method and shows a methodical approach to teaching mechanisms and synthesis problems. First, we will review the new language (called organic chemistry) that you must learn, although you will have seen most of this through your textbook and lecture class. We will then teach you about all of the reactants, and finally show you how it all fits together and why reactions occur. You really can ace organic chemistry with EASE.

By the end of the full video course (which you can sign up for above) it is our goal to not only teach you how to write organic chemistry mechanisms, but also teach you how to think through problems you may have never seen before. You will be able to do this because the rules of organic chemistry will never change; you just need to know how each player is going to react in a given situation. Knowing this will allow you to think through any synthesis/mechanism problem which might get thrown at you.

The book is also available on Amazon!

Ace Organic Chemistry with EASE


Dr. Mike Pali got a bachelors degree in chemistry from Binghamton University, a masters degree in organic chemistry from the University of Arizona and a Ph.D. in bio-organic chemistry from the University of Arizona. His research focus was on novel pain killers which were more potent than morphine but designed to have fewer side effects. There may even be a patent or two that came out of it. Prior to all of this, he was a chemist at Procter and Gamble. After all of that, he (briefly) worked as a post-doctoral assistant at Syracuse University, working on novel organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). In between, he did NOT compete at the 1996 Olympics, make the Atlanta Braves opening day roster, or become the head coach of the Indiana Pacers, as he had intended. #fail During this entire time, he always loved helping students, especially if they were struggling with organic chemistry. In 2006, Dr. Pali founded in order to make learning organic chemistry fast and easy. 14 years and about 60,000 students later we are still helping students to learn organic chemistry one reaction at a time at