I recently ran across eliquidwholesaleusa.com. I found the site really interesting, from a chemistry point of view. They are an insured wholesale e-liquid manufacture. They offer such services as custom private labels, wholesale supplier services, and an ISO-7 clean room for manufacture, which is coming soon. They are special for number of reasons. They have a lengthy history in the industry, all of their products are insured, they are dedicated to quality control, and they have some of the lowest cost in the industry.

I think they are especially good for the new upcoming business who wants to wholesale their products, but doesn’t really know where to start. Their customer service is pretty good, so they will be able to start you off on the right foot. Furthermore, they do private labeling, which is really cool for the start-up company that wants their own label and branding. You can explore the limitless possibilities by starting with your own manufacturing label using this site.

Their production facility is really unmatched in this space. They take it personally upon themselves to make the highest quality liquids, and customer satisfaction is their number one goal. They own a 10,000 square-foot facility allowing them to produce nearly 1,000,000 bottles a month. Everything is manufactured in a free and clean space to preclude contamination. They have the highest standards of manufacturing to make sure that they provide a safe and satisfactory product for their clients. Their industry knowledge is unmatched, they have competitive pricing, and a widely customizable product.

If you are interested in starting your own e-liquid private label or are just curious about the chemistry that goes along with a manufacturing facility like this, I suggest you check out their site. They are only a click away and you can pick up some pretty good information on industrial chemistry.