I thought I would write a quick post about one of the instruments I used while I was in graduate school. The instrument was a viscous liquid dispenser, and we used to dispense liquid epoxy with it.  It was a wonderful instrument made by Ipscot, and could be used for all sorts of other liquids such as acrylics, polyesters, cyanoacrylate, and even a lot of silicon oils. These chemical dispensers were great and could be used for a lot of things like sealing, coating, and encapsulating.  They were so easy to use and made my life in the lab so much simpler but I really couldn’t get enough of it. It made lab work very simple for me. In the next lab over, they used a water syringe on the same type of instrument, which also made their life just as easy.

I guess the reason I’m talking about these again is because life in the lab is whole lot easier when you have good instrumentation. And these Ipscot instruments were spectacular. We purchased the second one for bonding plastic together to make new reaction vessels.  What’s even better now as some of the instruments are programmable, which leave so much more time for life outside the chemistry lab. It was so easy to have my day’s work done early because I had good instrumentation on my side. Even though I’ve been out of the lab for while, I still remember my Ipscot instrument fondly.

Many of you have told me you will be going to graduate school at some point in your career.  The best advice I can have for you is to work smarter not harder. And any time you can buy an  instrument to do the work for you, you are working smarter.

That’s all for today and as always, happy reacting.