Organic Chemistry Practice Problems and Practice Exams

 Last updated: 11/26/2023


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And why should I listen to you? 

Just a short biography:  Dr. Mike Pali is the founder of  He got a bachelors degree in chemistry from Binghamton University, a masters degree in organic chemistry from the University of Arizona and a PhD in bio-organic chemistry from the University of Arizona. His research focus was on novel pain killers which were more potent than morphine but designed to have fewer side effects. Prior to all of this, he was a chemist at Procter and Gamble. After all of that, he (briefly) worked as a post-doctoral assistant at Syracuse University, working on novel organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). In between, he did NOT compete at the 1996 Olympics, make the Atlanta Braves opening day roster, or become the head coach of the Indiana Pacers, as he had intended. #fail During this entire time, he always loved helping students, especially if they were struggling with organic chemistry. In 2006, Dr. Pali founded in order to make learning organic chemistry fast and easy. 14 years and about 60,000 students later we are still helping students to learn organic chemistry one reaction at a time at

What are the organic chemistry practice problems and how can it help you? 

Here it is!  The organic chemistry practice exam and test bank is here to help you with organic chemistry.  Practice problems and exams are the best way to study for exams and to help you succeed in this course. This is huge for college students. The test bank above is classified by semester, difficulty, where the exam came from, and what topics it covers.  Students really seem to love it, so if  you have something to add to the test bank, send it over to us.  

So how do you best use our practice exam bank in 2023?  First, take a practice exam.  Make sure it is a level of difficulty that you are good with.  Next, figure out what you got wrong and Google things to help you get better on those topics.  Actually write down the topic and spend time looking up concepts nad problems related to that specific topic.  Studying this way is super effective and will help you improve in organic chemistry quickly. 

So we know that practice exams are a great way to study for this course. But what are the other things that will help?  

Flashcards are one of them.  Whether you create your own, or use some that are already online, flashcards are a great way to see some new practice problems.  You can create those flashcards one of several way is you can do reactions and have the answer to the flashcard be the product of the reaction.  One of the other ways is to just put terms and different structures down to see if you can recall that information super fast.

So Why Do Practice Problems?

1. Becoming familiar with how the questions are asked.

You will get used to the format and how questions are asked. This familiarity can be instrumental in alleviating the anxiety and uncertainty that often accompany the unknown. By understanding the type of questions, the marking scheme, and the time constraints, you can strategize the approach and ensure you have enough time on your real exam.

2. Practice makes perfect so reinforce your understanding.

Practice problems serve as a guide, like an on-going assessment. Active recall is practiced and moreover, by repeatedly testing oneself, the information becomes more deeply ingrained, leading to better long-term retention.

3. You figure out your knowledge gaps

Practice problems and exams tell you what your strengths and weaknesses are. This targeted approach ensures that students spend their revision time more productively.

4. Boost your confident AND reduce exam anxiety.

With each set of mock problems you do, you will become much more confident that you can do it! This confidence can be a crucial factor in reducing exam-related anxiety, allowing students to approach the actual examination with a calm and composed mindset.

5. Time Management Skills

Don’t get caught spending too much time on something that will cause you miss other problems. Practice how long it take you to do the problems. This practice ensures that they can attempt all questions within the allotted time during the real exam, maximizing their chances of securing a high score.