Organic Chemistry Practice Problems and Practice Exams

Organic Chemistry Practice Problems and Exams (w/ ACS exam)

What are the organic chemistry practice problems and how can it help you? 

Here it is!  The organic chemistry practice exam and test bank is here to help you with organic chemistry.  Practice problems and exams are the best way to study for exams and to help you succeed in this course. This is huge for college students. The test bank above is classified by semester, difficulty, where the exam came from, and what topics it covers.  Students really seem to love it, so if  you have something to add to the test bank, send it over to us.  

So how do you best use our practice exam bank in 2022?  First, take a practice exam.  Make sure it is a level of difficulty that you are good with.  Next, figure out what you got wrong and Google things to help you get better on those topics.  Actually write down the topic and spend time looking up concepts nad problems related to that specific topic.  Studying this way is super effective and will help you improve in organic chemistry quickly. 

So we know that practice exams are a great way to study for this course. But what are the other things that will help?  

Flashcards are one of them.  Whether you create your own, or use some that are already online, flashcards are a great way to see some new practice problems.  You can create those flashcards one of several way is you can do reactions and have the answer to the flashcard be the product of the reaction.  One of the other ways is to just put terms and different structures down to see if you can recall that information super fast.

Study in packs: This reminds me of my favorite video on YouTube (  You are a pack of wildebeest, just chilling out by the water, trying to score a good grade in organic chemistry.  But you are being hunted by pride of hungry lions (your professors) who would like nothing better to make a quick snack of the weakest one of you.   After crouching in the brush, the lion suddenly pounce (pop quiz) and grab a hold of the smallest one of you (the student with the hardest course load).  Two things can happen at this point:  Either the rest of the pack of wildebeest will cut their losses and try to save themselves or they can go back and heroically battle the lions to rescue their fallen colleague.  I am not going to ruin the video if you have not already viewed it, but I think you already know what happens. 

More than just helping others, studying organic chemistry tests in packs provides several other benefits: 1) Studies have shown over and over that studying practice tests (especially the ACS exam) in groups directly leads to higher grades for all participants. 2) Studying practice exams in groups is generally more enjoyable for people, which leads to more time spent on the subject. 3) If you are weaker in one area of the course, you have the opportunity to have a peer explain it to you.  Many students are more likely to understand a peer’s explanation over a stuffy professor’s.  4) If you are stronger in one area of the course, you will strengthen your overall understanding of chemistry by teaching it to someone else.  Of course, when you are choosing study partners on the Serengeti, you need to be very careful to stay away from the jackals.  These are the students that are more parasite than human and will just leach off of your talents.  They will come to study sessions unprepared and expect you to teach the entire course to them.  They are more Succubus than man and will not help you much.   We suggest finding o-chem study partners that are interested in a chem good grade and are willing to put in the time necessary to achieve high marks in the course.   

A few success stories and happy students:

"I went from a D to an A!! Thank you so much" -Darcy K.

"thank you for creating such a great website! :) it's an excellent source of learning, esp bc my learning curve for organic chemistry was really steep " -Melissa K.

"Your Organic I videos helped me so much for the first semester. You guys are doing a great thing!!" -Abbey J.

"Easily explained some difficult concepts. Visual aids REALLY helped. Easy to understand and follow presenter."-Doug D

"It is a great video, I truly appreciate it!"-Jad M.

"I have started using Elite and I already love it. Thanks so much"  - Alea S.

"The videos greatly helped my understanding of organic chemistry."  Yiteen S

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