OChem Sherpa — Week 12

You are in the home stretch now

Many of you are going to have one last semester exam before the final.  This is a good chance to make sure you are good position to crush the final.  KEEP WORKING LOTS OF PRACTICE PROBLEMS.  Your professors have always told us that it is the best way to learn organic chemistry.  

Now is a good time to take our 2-hour video course on reactions and mechanisms

The EASE method is a 4-step method for examining organic chemistry problems to find the product and/or mechanism.  It can be applied to lots of different situations and reactions and teaches you how reason through almost any type of organic chemistry.  Want to get a jump on organic chemistry reactions and learn the EASE method now?  Click here to start it

The EASE method is meant for student at the end of organic I, which is where you are now.  We recommend it to those students who feel comfortable learning a new technique.

You should be studying:

Spectroscopy made a comeback for some this week and last.  Also, you might have gotten your first peek at the Diels-Alder reaction.  Everyone should be done with SN1/SN2/E1/E2. 

This week (give or take a week) you will see the following topics…your resources for each topic can be found below:

Spectroscopy: IR, MS, 1H NMR, 13C NMR
Diels-Alderreaction: Mechanisms, what are the components, different varieties of the reaction. 
Organic I reactions: alkyl halides, alcohols ect. 
Alkenes: nomenclature, E-Z nomenclature, structure, pi bonds, and lots of reactions that make and happen at the double bond.
Alkynes: structure and reactions of alkynes, acidity of terminal alkyne protons.

If you only look at one thing:

We have a video review that summarizes alkynes pretty quickly.  It hits all of the high points, check it out here.  

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