Organic Chemistry Study Plan for the “A” student


Your organic chemistry study plan is here – Print it by clicking study plan


Congratulations!  You are an A student and are doing great in the course.  Whether you are just barely hanging on to that A or you want to crush this course and learn every single thing there is to know about organic chemistry, you are in the right place. If you have a really good grasp of the course and are looking to fine tune, we would suggest your organic chemistry study plan start with:

1) The mini-movies to look into the topics you might want some clarification on, these are in-depth 10-25 minute movies on specific topics and reaction sequences.


2) Then go nuts on the practice exams.  You want the difficult ones for sure.  Once you have taken a few of these, figure out where your weak spots are and go to


3)The tutorial bank to look for PDF tutorials on the subjects you were a little weak on.


4) After that, download both of the e-books (“86 Tricks to Ace Organic Chem” and “Organic Chemistry Mechanisms with EASE”) and read them both.  They are both relatively short reads and give you some really nice tricks for how to solve problems you have never seen before.


5) Next, we suggest creating your own spiderweb of reactions.  For an example of one, click Organic Chemistry Spiderweb.  Since you are really good at this, your web should have at least 40 reactions.  If you can make the entire 40 reaction web without having to look in your textbook or on the internet, you are doing great.


6) Last, just before finals, go through our course review videos for the semester.  It will only take 6-7 hours and will really give you a good summary of the entire semester.  We would also recommend the Organic Chemistry Mechanisms with EASE video course, if you didn’t get to the book.


Of course, we encourage you to hit all of the resources on this site, but if you have limited time, this is a good plan for you to start with.

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