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Organic Chemistry Lab Help:

This is a collection of videos and links to the web to help you with organic chemistry laboratory techniques

DistillationIsolation of Limonene Part 1Gas ChromatographyExtractions Part 1 Isolation of Limonene part 2Extractions Part 2RecrystalizationOther Helpful LinksGood Orgo Lab Books         


Isolation of Limonene Part 1








Gas Chromatography









Extractions Part 1







Extraction of Limonene Part 2







Extractions Part 2















Other Helpful Links

Lab techniques and glassware: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~chemlab/techniques/buret.html

Overall good lab site: http://chem.chem.rochester.edu/~nvd/

Overall good lab technique site with video: http://www.barnard.columbia.edu/chem/orgolab/index.htm



















Helpful Orgo Lab Books



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