And Now For The FINE Print

"We"/ "Our" is defined as AceOrganicChem.Com.

"You" is defined as the student, aka the visitior to our site.

"The site" is defined as and all related web pages.

Privacy Policy:
Once you have provided your email address, from time to time we might contact you to prvide you information and specials on products that we offer.  By providing us your email address you agree to recieve these emails occassionally and agree you will not consider them to be "SPAM".     

Return/Refund Policy:
There are no refunds for electronic products that you might purchase.  None.  Again, there will be no refunds for any electronic products for any reason. 

Misinformation inadvertently provided:
The information provided in electronic producted has been vetted, and examined for accuracy.  However, in rare instances, we may inadvertantly provide inaccurate information.  In these rare instances, AceOrganicChem.Com is NOT responsible for the misinformation inadvertently provided.  It is the student¬ís responsibility to verify the information if it is believed to be incorrect.  We encourage students to contact us and inform us of misinformation in our materials so it can be fixed.

Free Study Guide:

By accepting the free study guide, you agree to be periodically emailed regarding products relating to our website.  Further, we may have partnerships with other organizations.  Our partners may email you to advertise their products also.  These emails should not be excessive.  We will not sell your information to spammers.   However, by providing us your email address, in exchange for the free study guide, you agree to recieve these emails occassionally and agree you  will not them to be considered "SPAM".

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