Organic Chemistry Molecular Model Kit Set

The ONLY one of its kind, comes with 2-Hr DVD.

molecular model kit

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This organic chemistry molecular modeling kit is a one of a kind. It is the only model kit that comes with a 2-hour DVD, which shows you the best techniques and ways to learn with your kit. The kit itself is a 50 -atom model set. It is made of high-quality plastic and comes with multiple types of bonds. The DVD is a collection of movies that we have made showing you how to use the model kit. With the DVD and the model kit you can see all sorts of configurations and demonstrations of molecules in organic chemistry that you can't see on flat paper. Professors tell us this is one of the best ways to visualize organic chemistry molecules and reactions.  With this set, you get:

Here is a sample of one of the videos on the DVD:






Videos included on the DVD
Intro to the Kit 3-D Molecules Alkanes Alkenes
Alkynes Carbonyls Chirality Part 1 Chirality Part 2
Chirality Part 3 Cyclohexane Dehydration reactions Fischer Projections
Newman Projections Nitrogen Sterics Strained Molecules

Atoms included in the kit: 
12 carbon atoms (black) 
20 hydrogen atoms (white) 
6 oxygen atoms (red) 
4 nitrogen atoms (blue) 
4 chlorine atoms (green) 
2 sulfur atoms (yellow) 
1 phosphorus atom(purple) 
1 metal atom 
80+ bonds in three different sizes

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