What the heck is the difference between the Comprehensive package and AceOrganicChem Elite?




Comprehensive package

What do I get?

Complete (14 hours) semester review video, 800+ e-flashcards, 2 e-books, 100 videos (8-25 mins)on specific topics, mechanism and reaction help, a large testbank, a large tutorial bank, one-page guides, lab help and more.

Complete (14 hours) semester review video, 500+ e-flashcards, 2 e-books

Device Access?

On any device, anywhere, anytime over the internet.

On your PC, Mac or laptop

For how long?

You can purchase monthly, quarterly or lifetime access.Once you have paid for 5 months, you get lifetime access automatically.

You download and own forever.

Continued updates?

Free and included

Free and included

iPad compatible?

Yes, with internet connection

No (sorry)

How soon do I get access? Instantly Instantly


$19.99 for one month, $44.99 for three months, $79.99 for lifetime

$29.99 for both semesters, $17.99 for just Semester I or II

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