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10 Reasons to Become a Chemist:





reasons to become a chemist

People ask all of the time, "why should you be a chemist?".  Does a career in chemistry make sense?  What is a job in chemistry like?  Is it dangerous?  It is boring?  Will I become a huge boring nerd that only wants to play WoW and forgets how to interact with the opposite sex? Do I look good in this labcoat?  How will I find a spouse if I smell like pyridine all of the time?  Will the other chemists make fun of me if I don't smell like pyridine all of the time???

To me, the answers are crystal clear.  There are many many reasons to become a chemist.  It is exciting.  It is stimulating.  It is important.  It is lucrative (to a certain extent).  It is meaningful.  I could go on and on with the high points to being a chemist.  One of the huge reasons is because they will pay you to get a graduate degree.  TAs make pretty good money for students, usually over $20,000 per year and at the end of the day, you are getting paid to go to school, which is an amazing thing.  Just a couple of thoughts on the subject, but it is really worth keeping in mind.  Being a chemist has huge upside and not a lot of downside.  To be honest, there can be a little bit of danger involved but that can be minimized by keeping a good head on your shoulders and following proper safety protocols.  I have only seen a couple of very bad laboratory accidents and in each case, the incident could have been avoided if the scientist had used standard safety procedures.  But keep chemistry in mind when you are thinking about what to major in.  What do you think?  Write us and give us your opinion on the topic.