Hey Everybody, welcome to semester II.  Hopefully everybody survived the first semester and are ready to clobber “Organic Chemistry Part Deux”.

 One of the questions I get asked alot are about the differences between Semester I and II.  In semester I, you are building the foundation of your house so you need to learn things like nomenclature, stereochemistry, and functional groups.  Most people do some reactions (SN1, SN2, E1, E2) but it is very limited. 

 Semester II will focus on learning reactions.  This is a very good thing for the memorizers out there.  In addition to the simple reactions, you will also have multi-step syntheses and retrosyntheses (working backwards) to complete.  This becomes a big stumbling point for many people, because putting it all together can be difficult.  In future post, I will go over the best way to tackle a multistep problem, but that won’t be until middle semester. 

So until the next post, good luck and happy reacting.

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