Hi again.  I was cruising the news the other day and found a couple of articles that might be of interest to the undergraduate student.  The article on the molecular machine is particularly interesting to me.  Some day in the very near future, “old-fashioned” I/O chips will be a thing of the past.

The theory behind it is simple: In computer chips now, you have a voltage gate (a little wire) which if on is a “1” and if off is a “0”.  In molecular computers, the wire is replaced by a chiral molecule.  If the molecule is in the “R” configuration, that is a “1”.  Shine a light on it or pass a current through it and it goes to the “S” configuration which would be a “0”.  Presto, you have a computer that takes up a fraction of the space that the ones today do.  Read more below.

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