How do I study for my organic chemistry exam?

I get asked this question pretty frequently…and while there is no easy answer (because every student is different), here is the four-pronged solution that we have come up with here.

Situation: the organic chemistry is coming soon.

Step 1: read that section of your textbook. This will give you the foundation you need to start. Highlight any topics that you don’t understand well

Step 2: watch some organic chemistry review videos. It is really helpful to hear someone else teach the material in a little bit different way. Here are our favorites organic chemistry videos

Step 3: find some good flashcards and practice non stop with those. If you can’t find decent ones, make your own and emphasize the topics you didn’t do well with in step 1

Step 4: work practice tests. There are organic chemistry test banks out there (see organic chemistry test bank) that will work wonders for you.

This is not a recipe for success for all students, but should help the majority of undergraduate organic chemistry students to do it. Hope that helps.

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