Organic Chemistry Study Plan For The Student Who Is Barely Passing

Your organic chemistry study plan is here – Print it by clicking study plan


Ok, let’s face it: you are worried and discouraged.  Yes, it might look bad right now, but you have a lot of room for improvement.  So let’s find the best use of your time and get you a better grade fast.   Your organic chemistry study plan starts with:


1) Accept the fact that if you want to improve your grade, it is going to be work.  If you are ready, move on to step 2.

2) Watch the full course review videos UP TO THE POINT THAT YOUR LECTURE has made it to.  If you are only at module 3, stop at module 3.  Don’t explore new territory yet, let’s get you to understand the older stuff a little better first.

3) Once you have seen the full course review videos once, watch them again.  Same deal, only go up to the point that your lecture has made it to.

4) Go to the practice exams, and start doing some of the easy ones.  Take note of the areas that you are weak in.

5) Go to the flashcards, and only do the 2-star and 3-star flashcards.  You will probably get a lot of the 3-star ones wrong, but that is OK.  It will give you a view of some other information, which might help you to learn the easier stuff.  Again, take note of the areas that you are weak in.

6) Once you know what some of those weak spots are, go to the tutorials and start to read about the topics you are weak on.

7) Print out all of the one page guides, and tape them to your wall.  That way, you can see them all of the time and have it sink in by osmosis.

8) Last, if you have time, download the “86 Tricks” e-book and make sure you understand all of the 2-star and some of the 3-star tricks.

9) Rinse and repeat.


If you keep working at it, you will start to absorb some of the material.  Go to as many office hours as you can and find a study group if you can.


Of course, we encourage you to hit all of the resources on this site, but if you have limited time, this is a good plan for you to start with.


AND…keep you chin up.  This is a tough course.  Possibly the toughest you will take in college.  Take a deep breath, cut yourself a little slack, and just keep studying.

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